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How to stay positive during your Job Search

Friday, 27 July 2012

Updated: 2/11/2015

Today on Let's Get Working we'll discuss some ways that can help you stay motivated and positive while your looking for work. Staying positive can be difficult when you've searching for work and receive rejection after rejection. To help maintain a positive outlook read the following tips and think about how you can use them to pick yourself up.

Plan your 'work' day
Finding a job is HARD Work and this is why you need to structure your day properly. Exercise, shower and be at your job search desk by 9am, every morning, five days a week. Set yourself a schedule for your job searching and STICK TO IT! Finding a job, is your 'job' right now. Watching TV, surfing the net or sleeping in will not find you a job.

Surround yourself with positive people
Being around people that are constant negativity can bring you down. This is why it's important to hang out with people who are positive and make you feel good. You cannot control what always control your thoughts or your mood, but you can control the things that influence them.

Employers want people who are confident
Employers can sense when you are depressed, overeager or frantic and will pick up on your energy.The more negative you are about your own abilities, your job prospects, and life in general, the less likely you are to land a job. Employers want people who believe in their skills, who want to work, and generally enjoyable to work with.

Take stock of your talents
When you're feeling unhappy and need a 'pick me up', stop and identify your talents and achievements. Write down what you're good at, both professionally and socially and take a moment to celebrate YOU! Celebrating your talents is a good way to improve your confidence and is the key to a positive attitude.

Learn from the past
Don't blame yourself and obsess over past mistakes. Learn from the past and use these experiences to improve yourself and your abilities for your next interview.
Ask yourself. What could I have said or done better in my interview that I can do differently next time?

Do something that motivates you. Exercise, build something, learn a new skill or complete a project you started but never finished. Improving yourself not only give you a sense of accomplishment it increases your job opportunities.

Listen to the way you talk
Listen carefully to how you talk to and about yourself. Make sure you're speaking positively. A positive attitude starts with how we talk about and treat ourselves.

Be persistent and don't feel bad when you are rejected
Don't feel bad If you find employers are ignoring you or are rude to you. You cannot control how other people act but you can control how you treat them. If an employer is not returning your emails or calls, take comfort in the fact that this is probably not the type of company or person you want to work for anyway.

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Wayne Carter from Pennant Hills Sydney NSW posted on 29 Jul 2012
A great article I have shared this on FB. Wonderful practical advice. Thank you.

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