Lets Get Working: A blog by Steven from Nova Employment
Steven Last Hello and welcome to Let's Get Working. My name is Steven and I'm the Social Media Facilitator at Nova Employment, an organisation that helps people with disabilities.

Using this blog, it will be my job to assist you on the path to gaining employment and to aid in the communication between Nova and its job seekers. During the course of these activities I aim to highlight any weaknesses in the system so we can improve the current way of doing things and provide you with a better job finding experience.

To assist you on the path to gaining employment I'll be providing you with information and encouragement. The purpose of which is to give you confidence, help to improve your job hunting abilities, get you through the interview and into the job.

I want to hear your suggestions on what you would like to see on this blog. So if you have any feedback or questions. Feel free to let me know and I will be happy to answer them.

I look forward to bringing you helpful information on your path to employment.

Recent Posts

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About Nova Employment

NOVA operate a number of programs including Disability Employment Service (DES), a registered training organisation (NOVA Training) and 'Transition to Work' a New South Wales State Government initiative.

Our DES program is funded by the Australian Government's Department of Social Services (DSS).

We are a supported employment program that offers specialist job seeking assistance and post placement support. We find jobs in the general community, at award wage. NOVA works exclusively with people who have a disability or significant barriers to work and we have an excellent record of success and meaningful career development. Staff from our Campbelltown office also support people who are deaf or hearing impaired.

NOVA is not a sheltered workshop, or 'business service'.

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